Oh, it's gold!

Post on May 08, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

Moschino has recently launched the third instalment from their Fresh line, the iconic cleaning spray bottle called Fresh Couture Gold. The freshest fragrance from Moschino is housed inside a familiar spray shaped bottle dripped with an elegance and luxurious gold colour. Crafted to provide an ode to femininity, Fresh Couture transmits delicious sensation made of a mixture of Yellow Mandarine Orpur, Jasmine and Vanilla. Expect the third amazing new scent to be fresh, seductive and long lasting.


Moschino Fresh Couture Gold for Her is now available at SOGO's Ground Floor Beauty Hall in three different sizes with the following prices:-


Moschino Fresh Couture Gold 30ml RM214


Moschino Fresh Couture Gold 50ml RM307


Moschino Fresh Couture Gold 100ml RM400.


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