OUI Juicy Couture Glow

Post on August 25, 2020 | SOGO Malaysia
Unstoppable and infectious, OUI Juicy Couture Glow is inspired by the inner and outer glow that all OUI girls possess.  This illuminating fragrance adds an additional layer of addiction to her already provocative personality and amplifies her edgy yet playful appeal.

The Scent

Top Notes: OUI FRESH

Energetic and spirited, Oui Play begind with the juicy citrus of Brazilian Orange, delicious Raspberry and Cassis Buds that add a twist of freshness.


The heart of the fragrance comes through luminous Jasmine Sambac and a winf of Frangipani with zesty Pink Pepper.


The addicting drydown from warm Vanilla Bean and White Moss blend with playful Pamplewood and are finally wrapped in a magnetic musk for a dynamic and vibrant back.

Juicy Couture Oui Glow EDP 
50ML RM345
100ML RM450

Head on over to SOGO stores and get a whiff of this playful fragrance.

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