Our Favourite Homegrown Brands

Post on August 29, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia


Are you feeling the Merdeka spirit? We hope you are because we sure are excited to welcome the glorious chapter in history! As a proud Malaysian, we've compiled some of our favourite homegrown brands that we love oh so much! After all, good things are meant to be shared, kan?


1. Kapten Batik


The one of a kind Kuala Lumpur based brand specialises in highlighting a more modern and contemporary batik motif that includes geometrical and floral theme. Kapten Batik’s slimmer fitting cuts and beautiful patterns are perfect to wear on all occasions.


2. EK Jewellery


EK Jewellery has gained quite a reputation for their skills in producing handmade and customized jewellery. Using some of the finest quality gemstones, crystal charms and pendants clearly show that the brand is indeed a cut above the rest.




Quirky, fresh and fun are some of the things that can be used to best represent the brand. APOM’s has found their way to creatively transform our everyday experiences into a wearable art, shining light with a touch of humour to capture the beauty of double parking, famous childhood snacks and more.




The brand initially started out as a platform for 5 local designers to express their creativity through clean and minimal T-shirt designs. But, that’s not just what they do as IDOTSHIRT also provide their customers with the flexibility to create their very own design too! Yay!



5. Isti-mewa


Isti-mewa promotes our rich cultures by incorporating Batik and Songket fabrics to modern carry-ons like toiletry bags, makeup bags, card holders, hand purses and more. But, what makes the brand truly special (pun intended) is the fact that every piece is crafted to resonate with individual connection with the owners.

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