7 Skincare Tips During Ramadan

Post on May 05, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia
The holy month of Ramadan is almost upon us. For some, the changes in daily routines might bring a negative effect on your skin.

But fret not! We’ve come up with several tips you can do to maintain that dewy and glowing skin, all throughout the month of Ramadan.

1. Drinking only plain water

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

We might sound like a broken radio, but water really is the magic elixir to flawless skin. When it’s time to break fast, just down a glass of water before eating anything else. Getting enough water is also crucial as it helps your body to function well during Ramadan. We know it’s not an easy feat, but do try to stay away from carbonated and caffeinated drinks.

2. Moisturise on a daily basis

Once a day won’t do! Your skin needs to be moisturised twice a day as it lacks proper hydration during fasting month. Keep a bottle of hydrating mist in your bag to give your skin that extra boost of moisture all throughout the day!

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3. Add fruits and veggies to your meals

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Try eating as many fruits and veggies as you can during sahur and buka puasa. Some nutritional fruits and vegetables to eat during fasting month are watermelons, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, and starfruits. The high water content in these foods will give you the necessary hydration your skin needs. Desserts can be the downfall of many but try (as hard as you can) to avoid dairy products as it will lead to breakouts.

4. Avoid heavy make-up

The combination of heat, dehydration and heavy foundation and concealers can lead to breakouts. It’s best to opt for light and moisturising products such as BB cream or tinted moisturisers.

5. The eyes are the windows to the soul

Ramadan is definitely a hectic time indeed. Thus, the appearance of dark circles are inevitable. Give your peepers some TLC by placing tea bags over your eyes. This will definitely give your eyes an added sparkle during the month of Ramadan.

6. Aim for the shade

Try and avoid the sun when you’re out and about during the fasting month. Hot temperatures can cause you to break a sweat, causing fluid loss which can affect the dehydration of skin. Bring an umbrella everywhere you go and of course don’t forget to apply on sunscreen.

7. Try to clock in some snooze

Your biological clock could be in a bit of a mess during this month, but try to get proper sleep of up to 7 – 8 hours. If you don’t have time at night, take a quick nap in the afternoon. Your skin will look fresh when you clock in that sleep.

We hope these simple (but effective) tips would help you maintain beautiful looking skin so that it will be looking flawless for Raya!

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