Retro Malaysian Styles

Post on August 11, 2022 | SOGO Malaysia
In honor of Merdeka month, we're looking back at Malaysian beauties from the 1970s onwards from pin curls and victory rolls to the grunge-chic trends of the 1980s.

Join us as we do a major throwback to Malaysia's rich and colourful beauty history to look at some of the top vintage beauty trends worn by our local ladies and fashion icons— plus,  we’d like to add some modern charm in the mix for you to try on!

Groovy In The 70s

This era focused on 2 distinct looks—disco beauty and natural, minimalist beauty.
The Disco beauty rave was all about winged hair (also known as the flippy-out ‘70s shag along with winged, smokey eyeshadow, heavy blush contour, and glossy, full lips. Thin, barely-there brows were a big trend of the ‘70s, a throwback to the flapper brows of the USA's roaring ‘20s. This brow shape softened the face and adds a feminine touch to your makeup.

Fun In The 80s

One way to describe the ‘80s - it’s LOUD.
colourful eye makeup, big perms, heavy blush, bright lips and barely-there brows were all the craze. It was the most fun and playful era, with outfits made to compliment the wonders of the ‘80s. Singers like Sharifah Aini and Noorkumalasari were popular for their distinctive style during that period, so much so that we used them as our references!

Modern + Retro-tastic styles

So what are you waiting for?

Add a twist to your traditional gear and fuse in some modern pieces! Think statement scarfs or fancy floral designs to adorn your look. Pastel colours are still in while bold shades like hot pink, orange-red and dark blue is still an eye-catching choice! For a pop of vintage, throw in some chunky necklaces as they were big in the 80s!

We’ve got styles to pump up your look, just head on over to 1st Floor Ladies Department, SOGO Kuala Lumpur to find a variety of mix and match options from HOT brands!

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