Rouge Interdit by Givenchy

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The Signature of Boldness

With the tip of her lipstick she leaves her signature in the night; the outline of her lips and a message, "I was here".

Rouge Interdit, the edgy and irreverent lipstick designed for her by Givenchy. A concentrate of pure, brilliant colours that is uniquely sensory and comfortable.

Just like a secret, for those in the know only, Rouge Interdit is the perfect lipstick for every circumstance.

A Colour Manifesto
24 shades, 24 signatures. With Rouge Interdit, colour is the expression of a style, personality and a state of mind.

From passionate burgundy to vibrantly dark purple, bold red and brazen brown, Rouge Interdit's colour palette is made up of shades that vie with one another in their intensity and luminosity.

A striking example? Perhaps the most iconic of all is the Rouge Interdit shade No.13, a bright emblematic of this illicit colour range.

The Secret of the Perfect Formula
High-impact colour, satin finish, absolute comfort, long hold; Rouge Interdit has it all.

Black Rose Oil: Precious Nourishment
This rare extract, that only Givenchy has used in a lip makeup product, has peerless moisturising powers. It also helps to recover hydration and comfort making your lips soft as a petal.

Ultra-Fine Oils: Comfort and Lightness
The incredibly fine micro-oils used in this lipstick gives it a smooth texture and ease of application as well as exceptional comfort.

The Absolute Colour Complex: The Ultimate In Radiant Colour
Rouge Interdit's micronised pigments are ground evenly allowing them to be distributed over the lips in a perfectly homogenous fashion. The formula also contains ingredients to accentuate dept and luminosity with each shade.

Rouge Révélateur - The Ultimate Forbidden Shade

The 25th shade in the Rouge Interdit palette. An enigmatic forbidden colour.

Concentrated within a marbled stick, Rouge Révélateur reacts instantly to the pH of the lips, adapting to every skin type. Blended with Rouge Interdit shade No.13, it reveals the density of the colour and enhances its every facet, giving it added mystery. A custom lipstick for a result that is always unique, always different.

An Iconic Design
Like a modern day talisman, the new case for this lipstick is a tribute to the heroines of Rouge Interdit.

Urban and understated, its black lacquered sheath displays ultra-graphic lines. A signature of Rouge Interdit, the ribbon attached to each tube recalls the elegance and sensuality of the Givenchy woman.

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