6 Types of Shoes Every Woman Needs

Post on January 22, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

It’s the New Year and if you’re thinking of a quick and easy way to do a makeover let’s start with your shoe collection! Your choice of footgear may be the deciding factor of your whole #OOTD of the day! But which shoes can you rely on to give that boost of style to your outfits?

We’ve come up with 6 essential footwears that will keep you prepared for any occasion!

1. Flats

Clearly an obvious choice for a must-have as these babies will get you going around town in comfort and maximum cuteness. Whether it’s ballet flats or open-toed sandals, a pair of these can definitely go with almost anything you have if and only if you choose solid or muted tones.


2. Casual Sneakers

The one footwear that will elevate your style to cool girl chic – white sneakers! A white pair should be your first choice but of course you can add colour to your kicks! Sneakers can give a casual look to an otherwise formal get-up.

3. Ankle Boots

Wanna switch up your day look to a night look? Just change into ankle boots! Whether it’s heeled or flat, ankle boots are great to pair with jeans or a maxi dress for an added edge to your vibe!

4. Black High-Heeled Shoes

Just like the Little Black Dress (LBD), black high-heeled pumps are crucial in your shoe collection. Nothing too strappy or too trendy, these heels will have you going back to basics. It will be perfect to wear with a full pantsuit or even a cocktail dress; basically any evening outfit.

5. Loafers

Loafers may not have gained much popularity, but it’s an absolute staple in your shoe closet. You can wear it anywhere and paired with anything. It’s casual and elegant at the same time.


6. Block Heels

These would be the “fun” version of the black high heeled pumps. It’s a necessary trend that every woman should jump on the bandwagon for! This shoe usually comes open-toed and with a strap to give you that ultra feminine vibe.

Last but certaintly not least, have a read at our guide to learn almost everything you needed to know about heels here.

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