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Post on July 24, 2015 | SOGO
Be Scent-sational
Pick a right scent and it will allow your confidence to be transported to another level.. The slightest, lightest whiff of a particular fragrance can remind you of a particular memory. 

The link between smell and memory is well known according to a research conducted at Brown University in the United States in 2003. From the study, a few scents of perfume were sprayed onto female subjects and MRI scans were recorded. It showed that the limbic centre of their brain which is responsible for memory was erratic. In a separate story, a perfume manufacturer launched a “Smell A Memory’ kit that is equipped with personalised scents used as therapy for Alzheimer’s patients. Meanwhile too, a study at Harvard found out that people that were exposed to rose scent while asleep after studying were 13% more susceptible to remembering their work. The reason for this is that the cortex, responsible for thinking and planning, communicates during sleep with the hippocampus that is in charge of storing memories. 

Right Place, Right Time, Right Scent
Just as they say separate your personal and work life, so must your choice of perfume be the same too. You wouldn’t want to think of all the negative memories of your past while you wore that scent during your presentation to the CEO of the organization at your workplace. It will definitely get you feeling tensed up and lose concentration.

To allow yourself to be in a clear state of mind, try picking two different perfumes to set apart your personal and professional personas. For a lasting impression, let’s say for an important presentation, pick a power scent that will send you confidence over the roof. The more you use it, the effect will be more powerful in reminding you to ‘go for it’.

As our sense of smell reached its peak when we were 8 years of age, reach for positive associations for your perfumes. You can even put on a personal bespoke scent that will anchor your mood and to boost your confidence.


Estee Lauder Modern Muse Chic will never fail to turn heads your way.

Make your presence felt with Lancome’s La Nuit Tresor.

Capture attention with Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue Sunset in Salina. 

Dior J’Adore EDP will cease to disappoint you.

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