Skin Care Tips for the Men in Your Life

Post on May 17, 2016 | SOGO
If the fellas in your life are just the typical "wash their face with a bar of soap" kinda guy, then it’s time for you to help them step up their skin care regime a tad bit more. But of course, this skin care regime doesn’t really mean that you should buy hard-to-pronounce cleansers and creams but rather spending on high quality, all natural products instead. Believe us, your men’s skin will thank you for these products as well! 

Wash your face with a good cleanser
It’s important to wash your face with a gentle cleanser (or a cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type) to cleanse the skin from dirt and oil that can accumulate. For those with oily skin (which is normal in a tropical climate), try Lab Series Skincare for Men Oil Control Face Wash 125ml (price: RM99)

Never skip on moisturisers
Men, if you already have a toner included in your skin care regime, well then, that’s fantastic! Toners are mostly to have an extra cleansing to rid of the dirt and impurities on the skin. But the most important part that should always be in your daily skin routine is moisturising!

Hydrating your face keeps it generally looking good, prevents aging and wrinkles, and prevents excess oil production. We’ve come up with several moisturisers that would be perfect for any skin type:
Lab Series Skincare for Men Instant Moisture Gel 50ml (price: RM137)

Lab Series Skincare for Men Oil Control Daily Hydrator 50ml (price: RM148)

Lab Series Skincare for Men Oil Control Solution 100ml (price: RM90)

For those with oily skin, try this on for size:
Lab Series Skincare for Men Water Lotion 200ml (price: RM116)

So, ladies and gentlemen, one would definitely agree that nothing is sexier than a man who ages like a fine wine. So, get your man to jump in on the 'taking care of your skin' bandwagon to join the likes of hotties like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Pharell Williams!

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