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Post on April 27, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

Little do we realise that we are almost reaching the end of April. Psst...just in case you forgot, we would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our readers that the most important day of the month, Mother’s Day is sneaking up on us real quick! Have you kawtim the gift(s) to spoil your mom? Well, if you haven’t prepped anything or still clueless on where to begin, relax and take a breather because luckily for you, time is on our side.

Here are some pointers to help you choose the best gift for your beloved First Lady.


1. Altec Lansing OVO Bluetooth Speaker


Whether it’s Summer Nights by John Travolta or a straight up classical piece like Mozart’s Magic Flute, a good playlist blasting in the background can inject life and fun to the most mundane task like house chores.


Available at 5th Floor Home Centre.


2. Daniel Wellington Watch  

It is vital for the moms out there to keep track of the time as they need to juggle between work and family efficiently. So, check her wrist to see what she’s wearing, if you caught her rocking the same timepiece from the year you were born, it's an obvious telltale sign to get her something new, in-trend and stylish like Daniel Wellington watch.


Available at 3rd Floor Fashion Arena.


3. Peak Fitness Membership


There are tons of benefits that she can get from a regular exercise, from sleeping better at night to improving her posture, de-stress and most importantly keep her healthy at all time, the benefits are endless we tell ya!


Available at 8th Floor Peak Fitness.


4. Wakai Footwear

Who doesn’t like to slip into a comfortable footwear? Wakai Footwear is one of the brands that offer the perfect marriage between style and function. It is soft, breathable and most importantly, it can be worn on almost all occasions.


Available at 3rd Floor Fashion Arena.


5. Lacoste Tote Bag


Let’s be honest, moms are known to carry the whole house in her bag even when she’s going out for a quick trip to the store. They can’t help it, that how they are. But, what you can do to is provide her with a good bag for her to carry all the essentials securely in one place.


Available at 3rd Floor Fashion Arena.


6. Gift Card

They say the greatest present is the gift of choice and we have just a thing for you! Get your mom the freedom to choose her own present according to her liking this year with a SOGO Gift Card. Finding the perfect gift has never been easier, all you need to do is pick a design and budget between RM100 to RM1,000 worth of credit. Oh, and if you hate going through the traffic, we got you covered too! Click here to purchase our E-Gift card.


Mother’s Day is one of the few rare occasions that you can swoop in and beat your siblings to be your mom’s favourite kid. So, don’t miss the chance to steal the #1 spot, okay? *wink* Head to SOGO KL to browse the wide variety of choices available here. While you are at it, remember to check out our newly revamped 5th Floor Home Center too!

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