Stand Out & Shine with SilkyGirl Color Shine!

Post on May 23, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia
Whether it’s a way to express yourself that goes beyond your clothes and make up, a way to enhance your features, or simply just an impulsive urge, colouring your hair is always fun to do. But with that in mind, your hair’s wellbeing should always be a priority. That’s where SILKYGIRL ColorShine fits!

Enhance your hair colour with this ammonia-free, mess-free permanent hair colour that allows you to achieve a natural-looking shade of your choice. No more stinging of the eyes and scalp, and while being gentle on your hair, the colour penetrates into each strand and provides 100% gray coverage. With UV Defense Filters to protect hair against UVA & UVB rays, hair stays healthy, shinier and the colour last longer.

Best part is that the SILKYGIRL ColorShine contains 5 nourishing ingredients:
1. Argan Oil
Treats split ends, providing silkier and shinier hair

2. Olive Oil
Treats dry and damaged hair, leaving hair smooth and sleek

3. Panthenol
Moisturizes scalp at all times while strengthening the hair roots to improve hair growth

4. Wild Mango Butter
Helps to retain moisture, condition and protect hair from UV radiation

5. Aloe Vera
Helps to retain moisture on scalp and in hair, restore shine and leaving it silky smooth and manageable

SILKYGIRL ColorShine comes in 12 stunning shades: 
• 11 Black Coffee
• 12 Double Espresso
• 21 Dark Chocolate
• 22 Crème Caramel
• 23 Roasted Chestnut
• 31 Burnt Cherry
• 32 Hot Cocoa
• 33 Wild Honey
• 41 Mystic Plum
• 42 Crimson Cherry
• 52 Spiced Tea
• 53 Golden Honey

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