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Post on April 27, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

Who doesn’t dream of having fair, clear and bright looking skin? We all do, in fact, it is every girl’s dream to have flawless and radiant skin! And, of course, the only way for any of us to achieve it is to practice a good skincare routine.


Let us introduce you to two of LANEIGE's latest products, White Dew Sherbet Cream and Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask, made to lead you on your journey to have healthier and glowing skin.


LANEIGE White Dew Sherbet Cream


It offers a dual function to brighten the skin while keeping it moisturised all day long with a cooling Sherbet texture to cool down skin that is exposed to heat and UV rays by making the skin clear and transparent. It soothes high temperature and irritated skin by lowering it by at least 3°C.


LANEIGE White Dew Sherbet Cream is packed with Vitamin B5, Raffinose, Trehalose and Mela-Vita Crusher. An innovative technology that is made from the extract of Saururus Chinensis, a type of herb used to control the moisture on the skin to reduce the overproduction of melanin. Leaving your skin smooth, soft and free from pigmentation build up.


Plus, you can also reap LANEIGE’s groundbreaking formulation technology, which contains a soft, sherbet-like texture that provides the skin with enough moisture, giving it a cool and moist sensation.


LANEIGE White Dew Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask


LANEIGE White Dew Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask helps to clear and brighten your skin overnight, all thanks to the vita powder, a form of vitamin C that provides an antioxidant effect to your skin. Topping it all off is that it also utilizes the Sleep-Melatox Technology which contains Green Tea and Pomegranate extracts that help to drain melanin residues, resulting in a clear and transparent skin the next morning.

LANEIGE White Dew Sherbet Cream and White Dew Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask are now available at Ground Floor Beauty Hall.

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