Style Tips: Dressing up for CNY

Post on January 17, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

The Lunar New Year is coming to greet us real soon! Just like any other important occasion, you might want to present the best version of yourself forward to meet the closest friends and families. So, to avoid you from making any disastrous fashion crimes this festive season, we laid out a few tips to stay fashionably stylish without looking like a walking lantern.

1. Be subtle


Yes, we understand that red is the colour of the season. But, donning from top to toe with the colour will just be too overpowering, if not, makes you look like your great, great grannies. Our suggestion for you is to go conservative this year with hints of red in your outfit. Complement your red coloured accessories like bags, earrings or socks with warm and earthy tones outfit. Never forget that less is actually more.

2. The Mandarin collar

Source: Uniqlo

Rather than spending your hard earned moolah on something you would only wear once, why not spend it on something that you can wear all year round? Mandarin collar shirt can be an ideal choice to get your money’s worth. It adds a touch of culture, identity and traditions without ruining your style. Plus, you can wear it on all occasions too!

3. Patterns or prints?

We all know that patterns or prints can be a great way to show off our personality and taste. But, you have to be careful with the prints, too much of it will transform you into a packet of angbao this Chinese New Year. So, opt for something moderate and simple instead, okay?


4. Explore different shades

If you insist to celebrate it with an all-red outfit this year, the very least that you can do is to not look obnoxious. For starters, you can play around with the different shades of red like burgundy, maroon and pink to blend with your outfit. Remember, the trick is to think monochrome. Psst...check out Trendsetter tips to mix colour like a pro here.


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