Style Tips: Colour Mixing

Post on October 19, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

The majority of the guys out there tend to be in favour of either black or navy coloured clothes. Yes, we too find it hard to turn our thumbs down as it can be a solid option for any guy. They are safe, convenient and easy to match with possibly anything in your closet. What’s not to like, kan?


However, don’t just be plain and ordinary like the rest of the bloke out there. There are plenty of shades that you can rock to start turning heads in the crowd of men. What’s that? You’re not sure exactly how to mix and match colour? Well, lucky for you that we are here to help. Have a read at our simple guide below and you’ll be a master of combining colours in a jiffy.  


1. Neutrals colours


Neutrals consist of colours that are not too overpowering like black, white, grey, navy, brown and olive. But, the best part is that they are super easy to match, extremely versatile and fun to play around with. Plus, they can also be a superb combination to be paired with more intense colours if you wish to direct the viewer’s attention to particular details like your new glasses or fancy watch.


2. Military Inspired


We believe the King of Cool - Steve Mcqueen does it better than the rest, well he should be, as he is the pioneer of the style. The military colour combinations play around with a neutral colour palette, but with an added emphasis on strong and masculine colours like army green, navy and indigo. You can throw in either black or brown leather jacket for added flair that works well in either formal or casual settings.


3. Monochromatic


The last one in the list is none other than monochromatic colour. And, it is by far the simplest one to pull off compared to the rest. All you have to do is pick a shade that you like, then adopts two or three variations of the colour into your outfit.Voilà, you are all set to go!

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