Style Tips: Guide to Men’s Socks

Post on October 18, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

Believe it or not, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, socks are one of the most essential part of a man’s outfit. The simple yet functional item doesn’t just serve as a medium to keep the rancid aura to a bare minimum, it could also be a great way to compliment your style as a whole. So, if you strive to look your ultimate best, don’t neglect them and read our guide on what to wear on your feet.


1.  The Hipster


Going sockless has never been an option, it is undesirable and socially unacceptable too. None of your friends, colleague or any normal human being wants to take a sniff at the terrible odour from your feet. But, if you desire to stunt your sexy ankle look, get yourself the “invisible” No-Show Socks to keep your feet stylish, comfortable and dry at all times. You can rock the look with possibly every type of outfit, from jeans and sneakers to suit and tie. However, avoid wearing it with boots or hi-cut sneakers or you’ll end up with blisters everywhere. Ouch!


2. The Sportsman

Source: Uniqlo

Ankle socks are made to be worn during your workout session. Though it is often confused with the no-show socks, they are actually worlds apart. The ankle socks are never a fashion accessory as they were made with a sole purpose to protect your heels and ankles from chafing. So, wear them only when you are hitting the gym or engage in any other physical running away from responsibilities.


3. The Versatile


You should hoard a mountain pile of mid-calf socks in your drawers if you are clueless on which pair you should wear. It is the one fit all types that you can pair with sneakers, dress shoes, boots or anything you can find. The best part about the mid-calf socks is that you can get your hands on any colour, material, and pattern to match with the style you are going for.


4. The goalkeeper


The second least fashionable type goes to the Over The Calf socks. They were once made as a quick solution to ensure the socks don't loosen up and pool around your ankles. However, since the manufacturing capabilities have significantly improved, the dated knee-high style was left forgotten in the year where the people still communicate via Telegram, and no we are not talking about the app.


That’s all folks, we are at the end of our very quick and hopefully informative brief. So, which type of socks in the list do you usually kick your feet in? And, if you want to stock up bundles of your favourite, shop at our 2nd Floor Men’s Connection or swing by 3rd Floor Fashion Arena for the best bargain.

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