Flying in Fashion: How to Dress Stylish At The Airport

Post on December 18, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia


Long lines, packed Mcdonalds and delayed flights – let’s face it, the “airport life” isn’t exactly glamorous. But your airport experience can be elevated to business class with a stylish #ootd!

Here’s a few cool options to channel your inner airport zen while looking super chic!

1. Cosy Pants

When it comes to pants, it all boils down to your favourite comfy pair of jeans or the trendy track pants. Atleisure is definitely the way to go because who says you can’t dress to impress while wearing sweatpants? As for jeans, never underestimate the power of a worn out denim pants. Opt for broken-in , roomier jeans rather than a new pair. Wearing a brand new pair of jeans doesn’t exactly scream snug.


2. Sneaks or Slip-Ons

Whether its a pair of fresh Adidas or beaten-up Converse, comfy shoes are essential when going through that airport rush. If you’re not into that, just grab a pair of loafers as these will keep you feeling comfy and looking cool.


3. Mini crossbody bag / Fanny Pack

Got your own personal check-list before heading out of your house to catch your flight? Keep your necessities – passport, boarding pass or even  wallet in a mini bag. Not only is it travel-sized friendly, it keeps your personal belongings close to you. Not a fan of fanny packs? Trust us, you need to jump on the fanny pack bandwagon!

4. Comfy outerwear

Whether it’s a light cardigan or a sleek bomber jacket, outerwears can keep you looking cool and it can double as a blanket on the flight as well!

It’s the season of holidays and vacations, so go ahead and swing over to KL SOGO to purchase these must-haves for your fashion wardrobe.

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