The Guide to Surviving Malaysian Weather

Post on November 24, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia


So it’s that time of the year again!

If you’re thinking about Christmas, well you’re wrong because tis’ the season where monsoon begins! This season occurs when the winds change direction and tropical countries in the South East Asia will experience unusually wet weather for a couple of months.

So we’ve come up with 5 tips to survive the monsoon season.

1. Carry an umbrella

You look up at the sky and tell-tale signs of a storm is brewing. You hasten your pace to avoid the trickle of rain. But wouldn’t you be better off carrying an umbrella than having to outrun the rain? Whether you’re out for an hour or just a quick run to the grocery store, it’s better to have an umbrella with you at all times!

2. Wear shoes you don’t mind getting wet

If you’re a “sneaker head”, it’s best to keep the cool kicks in a safe and dry storage space. Trade your shoes to something more practical and waterproof. The ideal footwear would be something that’s easy to dry and avoid yourself from slipping on wet surfaces.

3. Avoid rush hour

We all know how bad the Malaysian traffic is, add that with the rainy weather? It will only make the rush hour worse! Try to avoid traffic (and starting your day off in the worse way possible) by leaving earlier in the morning.

4. Stock up food and drinks at home

Stuck at home with no food and the delivery services are all barred due to unforseen weather circumstances? That’s definitely not a pretty picture to paint. Get on with your grocery shopping and stock up food and necessities at home.

5. Keep your phone fully charged

A smartphone is one of the most useful gadgets to have during an emergency. So it’s highly important to keep your phone fully charged at all times. Consider on investing a waterproof case, it might just be your lifesaver.

So go ahead and scurry on with these 5 tips for you to make the best of the monsoon season!
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