The Perfect Nude For You

Post on December 04, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia
You can never go wrong with a nude lip. In fact, this beauty staple has made its mark and has rightfully secured its place in just about every girl’s makeup bag. It can be the perfect balance to a glamorous night out look, or serve as the final touch to a "no make-up" make-up look.

But for a shade that seemingly easy to pull off, finding the right shade for you can be a daunting task. If you go too cool, you risk washing out your complexion. A shade too warm and you will accidentally wind up looking like you've applied beige foundation all over your lips.

So here are tips to finding the perfect lippie for you:

Fair Skin Tones
Those with fair skin tones should pay extra attention when choosing a nude lippie. You could risk looking extra pale (read: sickly pale) when wearing one.

Colours to choose: Light pink undertones. Try going for a touch of colour to liven up your complexion.
Colours to avoid: Lipstick colours with yellow undertones as it can wash you out and make your skin look lacklustre and dull.

Medium Skin Tones
Make sure whatever nude lipstick shade you choose is slightly lighter or darker than your natural complexion to hit that sweet spot.

Colours to choose: Shimmery shade with peach or pink undertones
Colours to avoid: Colours that is too similar to your skin tone as it should not blend completely with your skin.

Olive Skin Tones
The ones with this skin tone have more options when it comes to choosing a nude lippie.

Colours to choose: Peachy nude lipsticks can help balance the green undertones in olive skin and add warmth to your look while a light golden beige nude lipstick can help to enhance your olive complexion.
Colours to avoid: Don't choose shades that are lighter than your complexion. Failing to do so can have you looking like you're wearing concealer.

Dark Skin Tones
The perfect nude is out there for everyone, including those with dark skin. Play up with your pout and you'll be surprised with what you can do with your lips.
Colours to choose: Best option to go with is a chocolate nude. You can also choose a sheer, shiny nude that will let your natural lip colour show.
Colours to avoid: Remove any lipsticks with grey tones and you'll be in the clear.

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