The Right Glasses For Your Face

Post on August 06, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia



We can’t help to crack a smile when we think back on the days when wearing a pair of glasses makes us the coolest cat in school. Some of those (myself included) who wishes to get a taste of the celebrity treatment even went to the extreme of creating imaginary clouds, just so we could stutter and pretend that we can barely read a sentence on the blackboard. But, hey...sometimes we have to fake it till we make it, right?


Sadly though, when we got a little older and needed glasses for real, it wasn’t as cool as it was before. In reality, wearing our second set of eyes sucks! Why? Well, for starters, re-adjusting it once every 30 seconds are an extra labour hassle that we have to put up with... every day. And, the part where we have to put up with the “Guess how many fingers I’m holding up?” is just plain annoying. The list could go on and on if we are honest.


But, since we have to live with our impaired vision for the rest of our life, why don’t we make the most out of our glasses to be more than just a tool to help us see the world, but as an accessory to flatter our best feature as much as possible. To help our readers make the selection process easier, we laid out a quick guideline for you to consider when the time comes for you to purchase your next pair.


1. Go with the opposite!


The most desirable way to highlight your feature is to go with a frame shape that is in contrast with your face shape. If you have an oval face, go with a more angular shaped glasses and if you have a square feature, you can soften it out a little with curved shape frames. So on and so forth, you get the idea.


2. One size doesn’t fit most.


The better your frame fit, the better it will flatter your face. The rule of thumb is to get a frame size to be in proportion with the rest of your face. Nothing too big or small, invest some time to try different sizes to see which works best.


3. Get the right shade

Many would lean toward the much safer colours like black, brown and perhaps tortoise as they are easy to match with possibly any skin colour. But, don’t let that stop you from being bold and having a bit of fun with the less common shades.


4. Thick vs Thin


Do you wish to make a fashion statement or you want it to keep it on the down low? Thick frames are fashionably bold and give out creative vibes while thin frame blends well with your face to emphasise your eyes and facial features. So, choose wisely, folks!


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