SOGO Links Up with Industry Leaders For a Good Cause

Post on August 01, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

As a continuous effort to spread positivity and help those who are in need, SOGO collaborated with four celebrities from different fields in a charity project under The TOUCH SOGO Foundation called “Voices from the Heart”. Carven Ong, Datin Elaine Daly, Hael Husaini and Siti Saleha each uses a blank tote bag as their creative medium to express their struggles and challenges that they went through to be where they are today, as leaders of their respective fields. The exclusive bags are now available in store for RM20 a pop and all proceeds will be channeled to The TOUCH SOGO Malaysia Foundation to help the underprivileged.



“Voices from the Heart”

Coming from a small town of Taiping, Carven’s passion for fashion grew from childhood, where he would watch his sisters tailor their own dresses.

Despite receiving limited support from his parents when he announced his desire to study fashion and design 27 years ago, Carven persevered and followed his heart and intuition. Today, he is one of Asia’s renowned couture fashion designers.



“Changing the Universe Begins with Me”

This mother of two has conquered the world of entertainment, from beauty pageants, modelling to hosting and acting. This Jane of all trades is also a full-fledged lawyer. She is also a firm believer of knowing what you want and knowing how you are going to achieve your goals, because there isn’t a goal too small.



“Work Hard in Silence, Let Success Be the Noise”

Being in the entertainment industry with no formal music education has taught Heal Husaini to deal with criticism and negativity, and push forward to achieve his goals and dreams.
His resilience, persistence and grit have proved his critics wrong when his debut song ‘Jampi’ won the Best Song at Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) 2018.



“Trust Yourself Enough to Nurture the Star in You”

The actress started acting only at the age of 18, and was often given the stereotypical Mat Salleh pretty girl roles. However, this English-Malay actress proved to her critics that she is more than just a pretty face when she landed a breakout role through the TV drama Nora Elena in 2011.

She believes in working hard to earn the confidence of others, and it’s the belief that made her won the Most Popular TV Actress and Most Popular Film Actress titles at the Anugerah Bintang Popular in 2013.


Shopping is always fun! But, do you know what’s more rewarding? Turning your regular spending routine to serve a greater purpose. Helping those who are less fortunate doesn’t just make you feel good, it evokes the feeling of gratitude and spur a ripple effect of generosity to those who are around us. So, let’s spread good vibes and collect all of “Voices from the Heart” tote bags now before it runs out!


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