3 Trending Skincare Ingredients to Try

Post on September 01, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia
Noticed any new changes in the skincare trend this year? This year is all about clean, vegan beauty. Skin products have changed their ingredients to “feed the skin.”

Here are the top three natural ingredients in skincare to look out for.


Yum! Not only is it natural, this ingredient is a safe exfoliant that also soothes and renews skin. Packed with Vitamins A and C, pumpkin is also an impressive but gentle anti-aging ingredient. Not a trick, but a treat!

2. Blue algae 

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Under the sea! More and more skincare products have moved towards containing marine-derived ingredients. Blue algae is known as a powerhouse of essential amino acids and minerals. This ingredient prevents water loss and detoxes the skin.

3. Snail mucin 

No snails are harmed in this process! The snails are fed gold-infused green tea for months so that their mucus is rich in antioxidant ingredients. The mucus is a natural source of hyaluronic acid, enzymes, and peptides—all in one! Moreover, it hydrates, exfoliates, and firms the skin at one go. Miracle ingredient! 

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