Trendsetter New Year’s Fashion Resolutions

Post on January 03, 2020 | SOGO Malaysia

How many of your past resolutions did you manage to cross off? Not much? Well, it’s still okay though. Keep your chin up because you made it through till the end of the year! And, to shake things up a little bit this year, Team Trendsetter hope to focus more on a much achievable goals. After countless minutes of staring into blank walls and several unneeded toilet breaks, we decided to share our fashion resolution that we wish to achieve for the year ahead. So, here goes nothing.


Never go big, you still need a home


K: I wouldn’t consider nor call myself a sneakerhead. I’ll leave that to those who are more deserving. However, i do know a thing or two about sneakers as I enjoy wearing them. For that reason, I ended up buying one pair after another and before I even realised it, I have a  room full of shoe boxes with barely enough space to breathe. Sure, having options is great but it sort of becoming a burden to maintain. I learned it the hard way when they say “too much of anything is bad.” So, my take on this year’ resolution is to thin out my collection that I’m hoarding (some didn’t even get the chance to see the world outside of the box) and pause whenever I feel like purchasing another pair. Think less about the quantity, more about owning things that matter.


Embracing the feminine side


S: Looking back, my usual outfit rotations are somewhere between convenient and pure laziness as I am always with my jeans, baggy tee and sneaker. So, my biggest style change in the new year would be to embrace my feminine side, you know, dressing more like a girl for once in a while because i honestly couldn't remember the last time i put on a dress, heels or carry a handbag.


Adding life to your outfit


F: I don’t have any New Year resolutions, just because i will end up forgetting about it. I would rather stick to smaller and manageable targets like a weekly or monthly resolutions instead. But, since you asked, my most important goal for the year is probably to go beyond monochromatic colours and start incorporating patterns or textures into my outfit. Life is too short to limit yourself to just one colour.


Take better care of what i have


Z: Who doesn’t like to shop? It’s fun and very rewarding too! But, as i am typing this my brain is trying really hard to locate my 1950’s Ray Ban Wayfarer. My last fond memory of it is that i have left it in the glove box of my car but somehow it is not there anymore. However, I have faith that it is sitting safely among the rest of my long list of lost and never found items, just that i am not sure where to look. Hence it is why keeping better care of my belongings has been nominated as my numero uno resolution this year. Oh, and hopefully the only thing i’ll lose this year would either be fat or wrinkles. *Fingers crossed*


That’s all we have this time folks. We hope that 2020 will be an awesome year for you! And, if you wish to stock up on the latest fashion has to offer, swing by SOGO Kuala Lumpur, SOGO Central i-City Shah Alam and SOGO The Mall Mid Valley Southkey for the best promos!

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