Types of Hair Products Every Men Should Know

Post on November 15, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

If you have hair, whether short or long you’ll need to apply some products to keep it neat and presentable. Sure, you can go and pick the first hair product that you see on the shelf and pray that it works. But, the problem is there are variety of hair products that can be used to achieve different results - so there’s plenty to consider. For that reason, we prepped up a helpful guide to the types of men’s hair products for you to keep your mane in check and looking like a million dollar man.


1. Pomade

The two most commonly used pomades are Petroleum-based and Water-based. Petroleum-based pomades are a tad bit harder to wash out as they are made with real grease. Water-based pomades are water soluble and healthier on the scalp, the best thing about it is that washing them out is effortlessly easy. Though the two gives off different results, both of them gives off a high shine and medium hold look to your hair. Perfect for those who wish to sport the “slick” look like John Travolta in the movie Grease, or the 2003 version of Alex Turner rockabilly quiff.


2.  Wax

Clays, pastes and waxes are all pretty similar in a way that they are extremely versatile, practical and good for almost every type of hairstyles. Wax, in general, has a medium hold and shine, though some products can leave a shinier or matte finish. Clay, as the name suggests, is made of clay offers a firmer hold and stickier feel. Lastly, paste has the consistency that is thicker than pomade, but gives greater flexibility, volume and texture.


3. Gel

We all have used hair gel at one point of our lives as it is cheap, affordable and it gets the job done effectively. It comes in varying hold strength from light to strong and suitable for a variety of hair length and textures. P/s: Try to keep your hands or comb from brushing your hair if you don’t want any white flakes falling on your shoulder.


4. Cream

If you wish to have the “natural” look, then hair cream is the one you should go with. It has enough strength and flexibility with either medium to low shine. The best part about hair cream is that it holds your hair in place without the stiffness and greasiness of its counterpart.




5. Mousse

Mousse might not be as popular as it was once had back in the 80’s when “big hair” styles were a thing. The foamy chemical compounds called polymers surround your hair to give a thicker and fuller finishing. Though the thick hair look has long faded away, some mousse comes with specifically formulated ingredients like rice protein and rosemary to thicken and promote hair growth.


Last but not least, stay a cut above the rest and keep your mane healthy with the best hair products at our Ground Floor Beauty Hall.

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