Uniqlo X Kaws X Sesame Street

Post on June 28, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

Uniqlo has been busy in hooking us up with sick collabs all year round. Nigo, Medicom Toy, and Keith Haring are among many countless names and brands that have joined forces with the giant Japanese chain under their UT line. Tapping into the pop culture segment once again, Uniqlo unveiled a special three-way collaboration between New York-based artist KAWS and the ever popular Tv show “Sesame Street”.


Uniqlo x Kaws x Sesame Street capsule includes some of Sesame Street favourites such as Cookie Monster, Elmo and Count von Count posing alongside the iconic Kaws BFF figure, complete with the signature “XX” that the artist is known for. Check out some of the collection below so you can pick and choose (or just grab em’ all) whether to cop the playful collection with allover print tee or prints that runs down the tee. And, if you like to keep it on the low and go minimal, they’ve got you covered too with their adorable pocket tees. 

Uniqlo x KAWS x Sesame Street is priced at RM59.90 

KIDS' Uniqlo x KAWS x Sesame Street is priced at RM39.90 

The collection is set to drop on 29 June at Uniqlo, 3rd Floor Fashion Arena.


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