Go with Glow: How to Achieve Glowing Skin without Make-Up

Post on March 13, 2020 | SOGO Malaysia
Putting on makeup can be tiring, can’t it? 

You have to remember the rules and the steps to follow as well as give a big chunk of your time in the morning in order to look presentable for the day. 

Well, sleep in a little later and try out these new ways to get glowing skin without the stress and the makeup!

1. Eat sweet potatoes 

Source: Food Revolution
Source: Food Revolution

Yes, it’s as simple as that! Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, an antioxidant that processes into Vitamin A in your body and increases healthy skin cells. This superfood also acts as a natural moisturiser. Delicious and healthy, sweet potatoes will give you the skin you need and even improve your diet.

2. Don’t touch your face

No touchie! Avoid touching your face throughout the day as this can lead to breakouts, scarring, or infections. You don’t know what bacteria may be simmering between your fingers. And if you can’t resist the urge to rub or scratch your face, make sure you've washed your hands first!

3. Get a facial massage

Whether professional or DIY, a facial massage will help retain that suppleness and bounce to your face. To do it yourself, you can gently push the top of your forehead to your scalp a few times then use your fingertips to massage above your eyebrow to a circular motion to under your eyes and around again (don’t forget to wash your hands!). Or you can just bend over and let the blood rush to your face for three minutes. Stimulating blood flow in your face will help maintain a long-term lift and an instant bright glow.

4. Mist your face 

Source: Telegraph
Source: Telegraph

Spray, and you’re done! Face mists are an easy way to brighten your face and your day. Refreshing and moisturising, they also help the skin restore pH balance and soothe any irritated skin. They are also helpful to use throughout the day whenever you need a quick wake-up-and-glow call.

5. Wash your face regularly 

Make it a habit to wash your face in the morning, after work, after exercising, and before you sleep. Just splash your face with some water! This water only wash is more beneficial for people with dry skin as some cleansers may be dehydrating already dry skin. Although we can’t see or really feel it, our face will collect a lot of dirt, oil, old skin cells, and other unwanted debris. And do you really want to carry all that extra baggage?

Attaining a glowing skin has never been easier. No makeup, no stress. Start using these simple steps, and unleash that glow!

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