How To Find Your Signature Scent

Post on July 31, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

More often than not, picking out perfumes as a gift for someone else or just for your own can be a daunting task. The gigantic pool of brands as well as the never ending options usually lead to a baffling decision making experience. It is true that most of us can’t even tell the difference between top and base note or know what chypre really means. Well, don’t stress out just yet as we are here to help! We listed down a few basic rules that you can follow to help you find your next signature scent.  


1. Sniffing spree.

If you have no idea of what you are looking for, then by all means...sniff all options available. But, try to limit your scent explorations up to three scents per visit, above that will be too overwhelming for your olfaction. Remember to pause and take a whiff at the good ol’ coffee beans, it will help reactivates and prepare your receptors for their next expeditions.


2. Sample please?


Perfumes don’t come cheap, the price of a bottle of fragrance can blow a big hole in our pocket. If you are on the fence to choose between two or more perfumes, don’t feel intimidated to ask for product samples. That way you’ll have plenty time to test the scents before you invest your hard earned money. If you keep coming back to the same perfume, congratulations! You have found yourself a perfect scent!


3. Looks can be deceiving


Fancy perfume bottle is nothing but a distraction, there we said it! Yes, we can’t deny that it will look great sitting at the corner of your dressing table. But, what truly matters is the secret ingredients, the scent that it carry, kan? If possible, never let the label clouds your judgement, try sniffing the fragrances without knowing where it comes from. That way, you can surely know that you enjoy the scent but not the brand.


4. Let it cooked


Have you ever wondered why a perfume smells different on paper blotters than on your skin? Or perhaps the same perfume works like a charm on your friend, but wreaks funky odors on yourself? Well, the reason is because each and every one of us has a unique body chemistry that reacts differently to the perfumes.


Test a perfume out by applying it on your skin, especially at the areas where the veins flow close to the skin. Next, give it a few hours to dry out and see how it performs. If the scent compliments you and loves you back, wait no more and proceed to the cashier counter.

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